14k Gold Cozy Cat Earrings

14k Gold Cozy Cat Earrings
14k Gold Cozy Cat Earrings14k Gold Cozy Cat Earrings
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Product Description
These earrings were made to commemorate the summer our cat family grew from 2 calicos to a menagerie of 8 in the span of 3 months. My daughter was in elementary school at the time and had a knack for adopting, “just one more cat” that desperately needed a home. Incidentally, she also had a talent for herding wild ducks at the park, but that’s a story for another time and another piece of jewelry.

A playful nod to your favorite feline friends and the perfect complement to your 14k Gold Cozy Cat Bracelet, the 14k Gold Cozy Cat earrings measure 1 inch in length, including ˝” of 14k gold earwire.

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For Nature Lovers and Those That Wish They Were - Enjoy My Jewelry In Good Health.
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