14k Gold     Bracelets - 14k Gold Bracelets 14k Gold 4 Seasons Bracelet with Diamonds 14k Gold 4 Seasons Bracelet 14k Gold and Sterling Silver 4 Seasons Bracelet 14k Gold Cuff Bracelet 14k Gold Daisy Block Bracelet 18k Gold Daisy Block Bracelet 14k Gold Forged Bone Bracelet 14k Gold Victorian Primrose Bracelet 14k Gold Perfect Family Tree Bracelet - Call For Availability14k Gold Tree of Life Bracelet 14k Gold Forest Bracelet 14k Gold Rosebud Bracelet 14k Gold Ivy Link Bracelet 14k Gold Mt. Gretna Tree Bracelet 14k Gold Chunky Ivy Bracelet 14k Gold Fish Bracelet 14k Gold Tiny Oval Link Bracelet 14k Gold Ivy & Berry Cuff Bracelet 14k Gold Debbie’s Trailing Rose Bracelet 14k Gold Priscilla Bracelet 14k Gold Flowering Raspberry Bracelet 14k Gold Calla Lily Bracelet 14k Gold Cozy Cat Bracelet 14k Gold Olive Branch for Peace Bracelet 14k Gold Spring Cuff Bracelet with Diamonds - Call For Pricing14k Gold     Earrings - 14k Gold Earrings14k Gold Art Nouveau Flower Earrings 14k Gold Stained Glass Earrings 14k Gold Snowflake Earrings with Diamonds 14k Gold Oval Mountain Flower Earrings 14k Gold Quilt Flower Earrings 14k Gold Fuschia Flower Earrings 14k Gold Rectangular Tree Earrings 14k Gold Calla Lily Hoop Earrings 14k Gold Daisy Hoop Earrings 14k Gold Square Tree Earrings 14k Gold Oval Tree Earrings 14k Gold Rosebud Drop Earrings with Pearls 14k Gold Windflower Earrings with Pink Tourmalines14k Gold Sunburst Earrings 14k Gold Ivy Hoop Earrings 14k Gold Little Bear Domed Earrings 14k Gold Rosebud Drop Earrings 14k Gold Mini Ivy Hoop Earrings 14k Gold Reach for the Stars Earrings14 k Gold Katie’s Tiny Tree Earrings 14k Gold Tree of Life Earrings14k Gold Mini Ivy Hoops’ Big Sisters Earrings 14k Gold Schuler’s Sturdy Oak Earrings14k Gold Curling Ivy Earrings 14k Gold Rocket Leaf Tendril Earrings 14k Gold Heavy Forged Hoop Earrings14k Gold Cozy Cat Earrings14k Gold Tiny Paw Print Earrings 14k Gold Little Pup Earrings 14k Gold Fun Sunfish Earrings 14k Gold Fish Earrings14k Gold Flowerstick Earrings14k Gold Ivy Icicle Earrings14k Gold Luna’s Hoop Earrings14k Gold Tiny Snowflake Earrings14k Gold Retro Flower Power Earrings 14k Gold Wild Iris Flower Earrings14k Gold     Necklaces - 14k Gold Necklaces14k Gold Tiny Flower Link Necklace with Diamonds 14k Gold Bluebird of Happiness Necklace - Call For Pricing14k Gold Art Nouveau Flower Necklace14k Gold Rectangular 4 Seasons Necklace14k Gold Square 4 Seasons Necklace 14k Gold Delicate Art Nouveau Flower Necklace 14k Gold Nugget Necklace with Diamond - Call For Pricing14k Gold Rosebud Necklace 14k Gold Forged Bone Necklace - Call For Pricing14k Gold Mountain Flower Necklace14k Gold Kylie’s Heart Necklace14k Gold Ivy & Berry Heart Necklace 14k Gold Rosebud Necklace with Pearl 14k Gold Bee Blossom Cluster Necklace 14k Gold Snowflake Necklace with Diamond 14k Gold Reversible Tree Necklace - Call For Pricing14k Gold Kylie’s Magical Bag Necklace14k Gold Rectangular Tree Necklace14k Gold Oval Tree Necklace 14k Gold Round Tree Necklace 14k Gold Square Tree Necklace 14k Gold Ivy Cross Necklace 14k Gold Windflower Necklace - Call For Pricing14k Gold Windflower Necklace with Pink Tourmaline - Call For Pricing14k Gold Reach for the Stars Necklace14k Gold Schuler’s Sturdy Oak Necklace14k Gold Tree of Life Necklace14k Gold Sapphire Cross Necklace 14k Gold Ringing Trillium Bell Necklace14k Gold Little Pup Necklace14k Gold Tiny Paw Print Necklace 14k Gold Cozy Cat Necklace14k Gold Antique Little Bear Necklace14k Gold Fish Necklace14k Gold Fish Bait Necklace 14k Gold Heart for Ruby Necklace18k Gold     Jewelry - 18k Gold Jewelry18k Gold Rosebud Bracelet18k Gold Daisy Block Bracelet Sterling Silver      Bracelets - Sterling Silver BraceletsSterling Silver Priscilla Bracelet---SOLD OUT--Sterling Silver Cat Cuff Bracelet--SOLD OUT----Sterling Silver Debbie's Trailing Rose BraceletSterling Silver Tiny Oval BraceletSterling Silver Forged Bone BraceletSterling Silver Pine Tree Bracelet --SOLD OUT---Sterling Silver Forest BraceletSterling Silver Flowering Raspberry Bracelet - Out of StockSterling Silver Victorian Primrose BraceletSterling Silver Ivy Link BraceletSterling Silver Rosebud BraceletSterling Silver Tree Bracelet with Peridot or AmethystSterling Silver Artist Moon Bracelet---SOLD OUT---Sterling Silver Garland of Daisies Block BraceletSterling Silver Rosemary's BraceletSterling Silver Bubble Flower Bracelet - Out of StockSterling Silver Chunky Rosebud BraceletSterling Silver Olive Branch for Peace Bracelet - Out of StockSterling Silver Trailing Ivy BraceletSterling Silver Pod BraceletSterling Silver Ocean BraceletSterling Silver Fern Teardrop BraceletSterling Silver Olive Branch for Peace Bracelet with Pearls - Out of StockSterling Silver Puppy Cuff BraceletSterling Silver Snowflake BraceletSterling Silver Four Seasons BraceletSterling Silver Cozy Cat BraceletSterling Silver Curved Ivy BraceletSterling Silver Fish BraceletSterling Silver Ocean & Wave BraceletSterling Silver      Earrings - Sterling Silver EarringsSterling Silver Round Tree EarringsSterling Silver Flowerstick EarringsSterling Silver People EarringsSterling Silver Fish EarringsSterling Silver Cozy Cat EarringsSterling Silver Fish Bait EarringsSterling Silver Schuler's Sturdy Oak EarringsSterling Silver Oval Tree Earrings - Out of StockSterling Silver Sarah's Tiny Tree of Life EarringsSterling Silver Art Nouveau Flower EarringsSterling Silver Square Tree EarringsSterling Silver Retro Disk EarringsSterling Silver Harvest Moon EarringsSterling Silver Wild Iris Flower EarringsSterling Silver Large Wild Iris Flower EarringsSterling Silver Triple Cross Rectangular EarringsSterling Silver Cross Rectangular EarringsSterling Silver Victorian Heart EarringsSterling Silver Shield EarringsSterling Silver Round Tree Post EarringsSterling Silver Buttercup Post EarringsSterling Silver Windflower Post EarringsSterling Silver Calla Lily Hoop EarringsSterling Silver Tea Rose Post EarringsSterling Silver Windflower EarringsSterling Silver Buttercup Earrings with PearlsSterling Silver Little Bear Domed EarringsSterling Silver Quilt Flower EarringsSterling Silver Ivy & Berry Hoop EarringsSterling Silver Sunburst EarringsSterling Silver Ivy Link Earrings with PearlsSterling Silver Starflower EarringsSterling Silver Rosebud Earrings with PearlsSterling Silver Fuschia Flower EarringsSterling Silver Violet EarringsSterling Silver Kylie’s Heart EarringsSterling Silver Sunflower EarringsSterling Silver Heavy Forged Hoop EarringsSterling Silver Betsy’s Forged Hoop EarringsSterling Silver Garland of Daisies Hoop EarringsSterling Silver Oval Mountain Flower Earrings - Out of StockSterling Silver Lilybell EarringsSterling Silver Rocket Leaf Tendril EarringsSterling Silver Woodland Sunflower EarringsSterling Silver Curling Ivy EarringsSterling Silver Ivy Teardrop EarringsSterling Silver Katie’s Tiny Tree EarringsSterling Silver Cat Charm EarringsSterling Silver Twilight Calla Lily EarringsSterling Silver Tiny Paw Print EarringsSterling Silver Wild Clover EarringsSterling Silver Ivy Icicle EarringsSterling Silver Pine Tree Stick EarringsSterling Silver Retro Flower Power EarringsSterling Silver Ivy Circle Earrings - Out of StockSterling Silver Falling Leaves Earrings with PearlsSterling Silver Luna’s Hoop EarringsSterling Silver Leisl Flower EarringsSterling Silver Victorian Post EarringsSterling Silver Calla Lily Circle Post Earrings - Out of StockSterling Silver Wild Fern Post EarringsSterling Silver Ivy Circle Post Earrings - Out of StockSterling Silver Poinsettia Post EarringsSterling Silver Button Post EarringsSterling Silver      Necklaces - Sterling Silver NecklacesSterling Silver Rectangular Tree NecklaceSterling Silver Round Tree NecklaceSterling Silver Reversible Tree NecklaceSterling Silver Rosebud NecklaceSterling Silver Fish NecklaceSterling Silver Schuler's Sturdy Oak NecklaceSterling Silver Katie's Tiny Tree NecklaceSterling Silver Sarah's Tiny Tree of Life NecklaceSterling Silver Art Nouveau Flower Necklace with Pearls - Out of StockSterling Silver Nugget Necklace with 14k Gold Embellishment and DiamondSterling Silver Ringing Trillium Bell NecklaceSterling Silver Art Nouveau Flower NecklaceSterling Silver Tiger Lily NecklaceSterling Silver Square 4 Seasons NecklaceSterling Silver Square Tree NecklaceSterling Silver Oval Tree Necklace Sterling Silver Tree & Sun NecklaceSterling Silver Calla Lily Slide NecklaceSterling Silver Mountain Flower NecklaceSterling Silver People NecklaceSterling Silver Heavy Tree NecklaceSterling Silver Bee Blossom Cluster NecklaceSterling Silver Kylie’s Magical Bag Pin & NecklaceSterling Silver Kylie’s Heart NecklaceSterling Silver Ivy Cross NecklaceSterling Silver Black Bear NecklaceSterling Silver Antique Little Bear NecklaceSterling Silver Bright Bear Necklace with Moveable Arms & LegsSterling Silver Sunflower NecklaceSterling Silver Reach for the Stars NecklaceSterling Silver Cozy Cat NecklaceSterling Silver Fun Fish NecklaceSterling Silver Fish Bait NecklaceSterling Silver Ivy Circle Necklace - Out of StockSterling Silver Teapot Necklace
Mary Kay Donnelly specializes in hand-crafted tree, flower and nature themed jewelry; all of her designs are available in 14k gold, 18k gold, and 22k gold, as well as sterling silver. Mary Kay Donnelly works with the highest quality precious metals and gemstones so that the integrity of her work is never compromised.
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